What programming language to learn in 2020?

I heard a lot of this question.

This would totally depend a lot on

“What do you want to do” and “Where do you want to work”

rather than “What do you want to use or learn” .

It’s true that you can write everything in any programming language.

But you will be restricted with the world around you that you just can’t change.

Job Specificity

For IOS, Android or other platform like embedded system you just don’t have a choice. If you insist, you will have a real pain by reinvent X in Y language.

Third party library.

You can reinventing the wheel but not the whole car from engine to the door knob. It might not hard but it takes time. Clients or your boss can’t continuously pay and wait ten years until you finish reinvent everything.

More pain is on maintaining its dependency. Your code got broken on every update.

Workplace characteristic

Then, let’s talk about web development. It is a domain that can be written in many programming languages.


Java for enterprise — They want a reliable solid app. Funny enough, this works for big tech like Netflix.

PHP, .NET for old agency. — They want something familiar and big framework.

Node.js, Go-lang for Startup. — They want fast prototyping and fast changing app.

Beginner or not

Now you still have many choices? For example, Python, Go and Node.js for startup.

But if you are a beginner, you will have a hard time with the error message and bug. Beginner don’t understand what is going on and solve it from that.

So, beginner do Google search on the exact error message.

Beginner needs a question and answer on the internet that exactly the same to the problem. So, beginner must go for a popular languages with million of question&answer on stackoverflow.com as well as bunch of tutorial.

Lagacy …

Also if you work on some existing things. They just can’t change. On some system, changing means not only migrating code but also everything else including a machine that it runs on.

That’s why there is a joke that COBOL developer never lose a job. Funny enough, because no one learn COBOL any more.


Despite of your choice. You will end up knowing everything around it.

For example, as a web developer, one wish might be staying away from the old school PHP and jQuery.

However not so long, you will encounter them sometimes in your career. It can be like fixing Wordpress site for your friend.

Surely, you just barely know it. So at the end of the day, you will be fluent in some technology and can read everything else in your work domain.

Can you make up your mind. Or what do you think. Tell me some.




Co-founder and Coder at work !

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