Some hack to extract specific pages from PDF on Window without software or online.

It is annoying for doing so simple task like deleting some page on PDF.

If you are on Mac this task is easily done by Preview App.

If the document is not so confidential that you nervous to upload online → Small PDF

Small pdf is always your friend.

Try it on incognito tab for the second or third time, it will not remember you.

But what if this is something you are not comfortable to upload to the online platform?

If you are on Window not so lucky

The only PDF app might be the Adobe Acrobat which I think almost every one agree there is almost nothing FREE from Adobe.

The browser cannot do that but …

With special case of extracting some consecutive pages.

The printing function and export to PDF work like magic.

Then select specific page like 2–4 or 5 then click print it out to other location.

Then it will pop the window just like you are saving a file.

Here we go !

and see you next time !



Co-founder and Coder at work !

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