Short Guide to The Domain Name

I just wonder how the business of domain name work.

Where the money goes?

~2% → ICANN
~15% → Registrar and Reseller
~80% → Verisign
~3% → Banking

Let’s explain who is who


They don’t do the business part directly but collect some fee from their authorized operator.


Since ICANN doesn’t do registrar themselves, they authorize some operator to do it. Only the following 2,000 registrar is official according to ICANN.


Most of local operator belongs to this category.

From the registrar perspective, they have less headaches. Earn smaller buck but at much higher volume and delegate the work to the reseller.

You can check the result who exactly is your registrar with the lookup:

Who is Verisign?

Yes, everyone have to pay to Verisign for .com.

They own the registry/database.


Different type of domain

  1. Generic Top Level Domain → gTLD
    e.g. .com , .net , .org
  2. Country Code Top Level Domain → ccTLD
    e.g. .uk , .th
    **Cannot lookup with whois**
    Operated by organization in each country
    This can be check in IANA site here
    In my country .th is managed by THNIC

RDAP and Whois



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