Short Guide to The Domain Name

Where the money goes?

For example when purchasing the .com domain, the money is going to split like this.


Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers oversee the domain name. They do mostly about setting the standard, reporting.


Registrar is the operator who register the domain name for you.


Anyone outside the list above cannot register directly. So the “Reseller” are another layer who do the register for you and collect the fee.

Who is Verisign?

The domain ending can be open like .net or own by some company e.g the .com is monopoly by only one company, Verisign.


At this point, I think it’s pretty clear why there is no collision. Only ~2,000 can register and each domain ending operated by single company or organization i.e. single database.

Different type of domain

  1. Generic Top Level Domain → gTLD
    e.g. .com , .net , .org
  2. Country Code Top Level Domain → ccTLD
    e.g. .uk , .th
    **Cannot lookup with whois**
    Operated by organization in each country
    This can be check in IANA site here
    In my country .th is managed by THNIC

RDAP and Whois

RDAP is the modern version of Whois but information is similar. The important part is showing who is the registrar.



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