Jupyter dark theme on WSL

Don’t let the screen’s UV roast your eyes and face.
Use dark theme on everything including jupyter. See how to do it here.

$ pip3 install jupyterthemes
$ jt -t chesterish

Here you go run the jupyter right away jupyter notebook

Possible problem

And if you run into this problem

jt: command not found

This is because it install to somewhere the package normally install

I found it here

$ ls .local/bin/
... ... jt ...
found jt here
$ .local/bin/jt -t chesterish
execute it here

you can to make this permanent add this path to your bash profile by adding this line export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin

But for me, I don’t change the theme that often. So I just call the path to the command jt when I use it.