Inconvenient Truth, The Random Advice: Consulting, Life coach, Get-rich-fast, Business Guru and Books

tanut aran
3 min readJan 2, 2023

After 10+ years of chasing the non-existing secret of being successful fast.

Starting just like normal teenager, we are all desperately willing to be successful.

Since there is only successful way in the advice giving career, we will explore how

  • Good people
    Who start with good intention
  • Bad people
    Who want you to buy their course or services

End up doing the same thing.

Origin of the Randomness: Doing for the Living, being under the Spotlight

Good people or real people who is successful in the business can turn to be the random one.

If they need to make the money or need to continue being under the spotlight

They run out of content quickly but need to make a lot of content

Now they start reading from others and make it theirs or start inventing some fancy advice.

Make it look good. Make a nice photo. Make it sexy. Make it flashy. Make it cool. Make it easy.

This is how the gurus start being fake and random

They need this to continue on and on

Origin of Randomness: Hard to proof, Never tested

Real world is much much more complex than the how-to books advices.

If you sell the service, there must be the work done.

If you sell the product, there must be the product delivered.

If you sell the advice, it is just a plan.

The plan that never put into test.

This is why prestige consulting service without implementation is not any better than your local fake gurus except the nice presentation and fancy words they preach.

If it does work, it is hard to measure how their advice contribute to your success.

Not all is bad: The Random Advice

I am not saying they are all evil but I must say it is random. It can be:

The good part you can follow

This can be from interviewing the real successful people.

Or some wisdom from people working years in that area.

The good advice need proof over time, hard and specific to some context.

Successful people is not successful at everything. Learn from something they know.

This can also be the general truth that will benefit anyone who follow like being positive and being healthy.

The bad that got you into the wrong path

This will either waste your time or cause the bad consequences

This can be some idea the author invent then start to lecture their followers.

This can even from the successful people got the hot question in the interview and answer back without thinking a lot.

The weird one that make you look stupid

Have you ever heard the story like Mark Zuck and Steve Job wearing the same clothing and become successful.

This might make a small win on your laundry but not your life.

The Conclusion: No Magic Pill

Random advice is the successful path for gurus, books, motivational speakers, youtuber and so on.

If they talk a lot, write a lot, it it inevitable random.

There is good and bad part.

And there is no magic pill to success.